We, the Restaurant Mabou Team, would like to introduce us. We are a Mediterranean restaurant in Beyoglu / Asmali Mescit/ Istanbul. Our Chef is German who is based in Istanbul. After his apprenticeship in the renowned Hotel Bareiss in Baiersbronn, and the subsequent years of travelling at working at many different institutions and eateries in Germany and Istanbul, he finally decided to open his own restaurant.
The idea behind this restaurant is to offer the Istanbul gastronomy an “honest” restaurant. Through the emerging fine dining kitchen and the distorted chef-lifestyle, which is created by the media, a huge gorge has opened in the last 10 years within the Istanbul gastronomy.
Chef Cem Eksi had the opportunity to create fine dining plates in his wandering years with both the young Chefs in the fine dining scene and cooked also for example 300l bean stew for 900 pax with the old masters.

In the heart of Istanbul, the Restaurant Mabou seeks to unite these two contradictory worlds, joining forces with a handful of restaurants trying to uphold and develop the old values.

the kitchen

Although there is a plethora of exceptional and unique ingredients in Turkey with a wide array of diffrent sources, Turkish gastronomy is based on Western food culture and is falling more and more into the trap of becoming a convenience product. And that, in turn, increases prices, because many of the products which are used come from abroad.

We provide fresh seasonal products, handmade pasta, desserts without glucose, sauces without additives, good bread, juicy ham, a nice tomato salad.

You might ask yourself, what type of kitchen we belong to?

Neo-Turkish? Bistro? Tavern? Ristorante? We are a mix of everything.

Simply, a Mediterranean restaurant.

Our menu is seasonal and changes every 2-3 months.

We try our best to update all changes in the menu content and our prices immediately.

However, if we do not succeed in time, the printed menu in the restaurant applies……..

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Asmali Mescit

Genertal Yazgan Sk. No 8b
34430 Beyoglu / Istanbul
T +90 530 377 8837

Opening hours

Tuesday- Thursday 18 – 22
Friday / Saturday 18 – 24

Sunday / Monday closed

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